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Patchwork Tuesday: Microsoft Plugs 61 Holes, Including Actively Exploited Zero-Days

Microsoft's monthly security update, fondly (or perhaps not so fondly) known as Patch Tuesday, arrived this week with a hefty list of patches to...

The Rise of the AI Hunters: How CensysGPT is Revolutionizing Threat Hunting

The digital landscape is a battlefield. In the ever-evolving war against cyber threats, cybersecurity professionals face a relentless barrage of sophisticated attacks. Traditional methods...

Under Siege: Australia Braces for Escalating Cyberattacks in Support of Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine rages on, a hidden battleground has emerged in the digital realm. Australia, a staunch supporter of Ukraine, has become...

Beware Of Fake Online Fake Stores, The BogusBazaar Bust: Lessons Learned from a Massive Fake Online Store Scam

The world of online shopping offers unmatched convenience and a vast selection of goods. However, this convenience comes with inherent risks, as evidenced by...

Mobile Banking Boom: Convenience Soars, But Security Concerns Linger

The convenience of mobile banking has become an undeniable force in the financial landscape. A recent report by Kaspersky revealed a significant surge in...

Lockdown on LockBit: Global Crackdown Unmasks Ransomware Leader

The fight against cybercrime is a relentless battle, with new threats constantly emerging. However, a recent international law enforcement operation offers a beacon of...

Fortressing the Lion City: Singapore Strengthens Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

Singapore, a global hub for finance and technology, has long recognized the importance of cybersecurity. With the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, the nation recently...


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