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Advanced Persistent Threat


Linux Beware: Magnet Goblin Deploys New NerbianRAT Variant

The financially motivated threat actor group, Magnet Goblin, has once again made headlines by deploying a new Linux variant of their custom malware, NerbianRAT....

The Shape-Shifting Foe: New Malware Variant Mimics Benign Behavior to Evade Detection

In the constant cat-and-mouse game of cybersecurity, attackers are perpetually honing their tools. The latest twist? A newly discovered malware variant that possesses the...

Seeing Through the Fog of War: 10 Keys to Decoding Cyberthreat Intelligence in Today’s Digital Battlefield

The modern cyber landscape is a shrouded battlefield, with attackers lurking in the shadows, their motives obscured by a thick fog of deception. To...

Quantum Quandary: Looming Threat or Overhyped Hype? The Rise of Quantum Computing and its Cybersecurity Implications

The future is upon us, not in gleaming flying cars or robot butlers, but in the whirring world of quantum computing. These nascent machines,...

Phishing with Finesse: UAC-0050 Group Deploys Novel Tactics to Spread Remcos RAT

The notorious UAC-0050 threat group, known for its persistent cyberattacks against Ukrainian and Polish entities, has once again raised the alarm with the discovery...

“10 Steps to Enhance Home Cybersecurity: Protecting Yourself from Online Threats”

In the digital age, our personal and financial information is increasingly stored and accessed online, making it more vulnerable to cyberattacks. With the rise...

Cyber threats are a growing concern in Africa

As the continent continues to develop and adopt new technologies, it is becoming an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals. Some of the most common...


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