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Cracking Down on Cybercrime: Three Arrested in Biho, Benin, But Vigilance Remains Key

The recent arrest of three suspected cybercriminals in Biho, Benin, serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against cyber threats worldwide. While this...

Mali Takes Control: Launching Mali Kura Biometry for Data Sovereignty

In a significant step towards data sovereignty, Mali has regained access to its previously outsourced biometrical data and launched the "Mali Kura Biometry" platform...

Beyond the Stereotypes: Unpacking Nigeria’s Cybercrime Narrative

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu recently made headlines by dismissing the nation's portrayal as a "cybercrime haven," sparking discussions about perception, reality, and the path...

Silence in the Servers: Internet Shutdowns and Business Continuity in Senegal

The recent internet suspension in Senegal during protests against the government raises alarming questions for businesses operating in the region. With digital connectivity becoming...

Under Pegasus’ Watchful Eye: Togolese Journalists Targeted by Infamous Spyware

The Pegasus spyware saga takes a sinister turn, this time ensnaring journalists in the West African nation of Togo. In a chilling revelation, independent...

Cybersecurity Awareness 16 -Defending Your Digital Den: 10 Tips to Avoid Ransomware Attacks During AFCON 2024

As the electrifying drumbeat of AFCON 2024 echoes across Ivory Coast, fans worldwide gear up to celebrate the magnificent dance of football. But amidst...

Cybersecurity Awareness 15 -Shielding the Beautiful Game: 10 Tips to Avoid DoS Attacks During AFCON 2024

As the electrifying anticipation for AFCON 2024 in Ivory Coast reaches fever pitch, fans worldwide prepare to witness footballing artistry unfold. But beyond the...


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