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Kenya Calls on TikTok to Address Data Privacy Concerns and Comply with Local Laws

The Kenyan government has recently raised concerns regarding data privacy practices on the popular social media platform TikTok. This development highlights the growing focus...

Busted: Ukrainian Cyber Police Nab Trio Behind Over 100,000 Account Takeovers

In a victory for online security, Ukrainian Cyber Police have arrested three individuals suspected of hijacking over 100,000 email and Instagram accounts worldwide. This...

Medical Identity Theft: LifeLock Hacker Pleads Guilty to Extortion – How to Protect Your Healthcare Data

A recent case involving a "LifeLock" hacker highlights the ever-present threat of medical identity theft. A Moldovan national pleaded guilty in a US court...

Near Miss in France: Data Breach at Employment Agency Could Impact Millions

A recent data breach at France's Pôle Emploi, the national unemployment agency, has raised concerns about the personal information of millions of citizens. While...

Back Online, But Not Unscathed: Malawi Password Breach and Its Broader Organizational Impact

Malawi's online passport application system recently came back online after a cyberattack that compromised the password reset functionality. While the system is now operational,...

Airbnb Evicts Indoor Security Cameras: A Step Towards Guest Privacy

In a move prioritizing guest privacy, Airbnb has announced a global ban on indoor security cameras within its rental listings. This decision comes after...

EU Consumer Groups File Privacy Complaint Against Meta: Navigating the “Pay-for-Privacy” Debate

European consumer groups have reignited the debate surrounding online privacy with a recent complaint against Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The...


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