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News Corp Reveals Two-Year-Long Data Breach: What You Need to Know


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News Corp, the media conglomerate, has revealed a two-year-long data breach that could have compromised the personal and financial information of its customers. The breach occurred between December 2019 and December 2021 and may have affected as many as 7,000 individuals. In this article, we will take a closer look at what happened, what information was compromised, and what steps News Corp is taking to address the situation.

According to News Corp, the breach was discovered in December 2021 during a routine security review. An investigation was immediately launched, and the company says that it has since taken steps to secure its systems and prevent further unauthorized access. However, the breach may have given hackers access to a wide range of personal and financial information, including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.

It is not yet clear how the breach occurred, but News Corp has said that it appears to have been the result of a targeted attack. The company has not released any details about the identity of the attackers, and it is not clear whether any ransom demands were made.

News Corp has stressed that it has no evidence that any of the compromised information has been used for fraudulent purposes. However, it is advising all affected customers to take steps to protect themselves, such as monitoring their credit reports and financial statements for signs of suspicious activity.

News Corp has also said that it is offering free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services to all affected individuals for a period of one year.


The News Corp data breach is a timely reminder of the importance of robust cybersecurity measures. While it is not yet clear how the breach occurred, it is clear that even large, well-resourced organizations are vulnerable to attack. In this case, it appears that News Corp acted swiftly to detect and contain the breach, and is taking steps to minimize the impact on affected individuals. However, the breach is a reminder of the need for all organizations to be vigilant and proactive when it comes to cybersecurity. This includes implementing best practices such as regular security reviews, employee training, and the use of strong passwords and encryption. For individuals, it is important to monitor financial statements and credit reports for signs of suspicious activity, and to take advantage of any free credit monitoring or identity theft protection services offered in the wake of a breach.


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