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Cyberespionage Spying


US Targets Illegal Spies with VISA Restrictions: A Step Forward in Cybersecurity?

In a recent move, the US Department of State announced it will impose visa restrictions on individuals or entities engaged in "malicious cyber activities...

Zero-Day Dark Market: Commercial Spyware Exploits Threaten Users Worldwide

Cybersecurity researchers at Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) have uncovered a disturbing trend: commercial spyware vendors are increasingly turning to zero-day vulnerabilities to target...

Pegasus in the Sands: Journalists’ iPhones Hacked in Jordan, Raising Alarms on Spyware’s Reach

The Pegasus Project, a global investigation into the NSO Group's notorious spyware, revealed shocking intrusions into the iPhones of journalists, activists, and human rights...

Former CIA Engineer Gets 40 Years for Leaking Classified Documents: A Stark Reminder of Cyber Espionage Threats

In a recent case highlighting the dangers of cyber espionage, a former CIA software engineer, Joshua Schulte, has been sentenced to 40 years in...

Under Pegasus’ Watchful Eye: Togolese Journalists Targeted by Infamous Spyware

The Pegasus spyware saga takes a sinister turn, this time ensnaring journalists in the West African nation of Togo. In a chilling revelation, independent...

Big Brother Browsing: The NSA’s Secret Purchase of Your Internet Data

In a bombshell revelation, the National Security Agency (NSA) has admitted to secretly buying Americans' internet browsing data from commercial brokers, bypassing the need...

Beneath the Surface: Sea Turtle Espionage Campaign Breaches Dutch IT and Telecoms

In the murky depths of the digital world, a persistent cyberespionage campaign known as "Sea Turtle" has surfaced, ensnaring unsuspecting Dutch IT and telecommunications...


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