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Cybersecurity Awareness 13 -Heading the Ball of Truth: 10 Tips to Avoid Misinformation and Disinformation During AFCON 2024

As the excitement for AFCON 2024 in Ivory Coast reaches fever pitch, the digital pitch explodes with news, rumours, and opinions. While this vibrant...

AsianCup2024inQatar Cybersecurity Awareness 12 – Password Power Play: Secure Your AFC Asian Cup Experience with Strong Passwords!

The roar of the crowd, the electrifying energy of the pitch, the shared passion for the beautiful game – the AFC Asian Cup 2024...

AsianCup2024inQatar Cybersecurity Awareness 11 – Two-Factor Triumph: Double Down on Security at the AFC Asian Cup!

The electrifying atmosphere of the AFC Asian Cup in Qatar promises a whirlwind of excitement. But amidst the cheers and celebrations, don't forget the...

Cybersecurity Awareness 11 -Shielding Your Plastic: 10 Tips to Avoid ATM Skimming and Card Cloning at AFCON 2024

As the AFCON 2024 fever sweeps across Ivory Coast, football fans from all corners of the continent prepare to witness the beautiful game unfold....

AsianCup2024inQatar Cybersecurity Awareness 10 – ATM Ambush: Stay Alert and Guard Your Cash at the AFC Asian Cup

The thrill of the beautiful game, the electrifying atmosphere, the shared passion of millions – the AFC Asian Cup in Qatar promises an unforgettable...

Cybersecurity Awareness 10 -Dodging the Digital Devils: 10 Tips to Avoid Financial Frauds and Ticketing Scams at AFCON 2024

As the anticipation for AFCON 2024 in Ivory Coast reaches fever pitch, fans from across the continent gear up to witness the beautiful game...

AsianCup2024inQatar Cybersecurity Awareness 9 – Share the Excitement, Not Your Privacy: Responsible Social Media Sharing at the AFC Asian Cup

The electrifying atmosphere of the AFC Asian Cup 2024 in Qatar promises unforgettable memories. Sharing those moments with friends and family online is natural,...


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