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Inbox Infiltration: Russian Hackers Target Microsoft Execs, Raising Global Cybersecurity Concerns

The digital age has revolutionized communication, bringing us closer than ever before. But with great connectivity comes great vulnerability. A recent cyberattack that infiltrated...

Two Years in the Shadows: Chinese Hackers Exploited VMware Flaw, Putting Businesses at Risk

The vulnerability lurked for two years, invisible and deadly. The vulnerability lurked for two years, invisible and deadly. A critical zero-day flaw in VMware...

Crypto Cracked: 29-Year-Old Ukrainian Kingpin Busted for Cloud-Based Coin Caper

In a move that will send shivers down the spines of cybercriminals and crypto enthusiasts alike, a 29-year-old Ukrainian national, dubbed the "cryptojacking kingpin,"...

Hackers on the Heist: Lapsus$ Gang Makes Crypto Exchanges Sweat

The world of cryptocurrency, where fortunes flourish and vanish in the blink of a blockchain, has a new predator stalking its shadows: the infamous...

The Digital Arms Race: Hackers Craft Cunning Tactics to Outsmart Security Solutions

The eternal struggle between attackers and defenders in the digital landscape continues to escalate. As cybersecurity solutions become more sophisticated, so too do the...

Iranian Crypto Exchange Leak Exposes Passports and IDs, Raising Privacy Concerns

In a major data breach that raises serious privacy concerns, Bit24, an Iranian cryptocurrency exchange platform, inadvertently leaked sensitive user data, including scanned passports...

A Six-Hour Hijack: Mandiant’s Twitter Account Recovered After Crypto Scam Hack

In a digital twist worthy of a cybersecurity thriller, Mandiant, a leading cybersecurity firm and Google subsidiary, found itself grappling with a hostile takeover...


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